Our complete selection of MOLLE pouch and MOLLE pack products and accessories has something for everyone. From a MOLLE gear assault pack to woodland camo packs and beyond, we’re proud to bring you the best in surplus backpacks and MOLLE gear.

Alice Pack-Medium
Kidney Belt
Backpack-25 liter capacity
Alice Pack Frame
Large Alice Pack
Camo Alice Pack
Molle Pack Frame
Molle Rifleman Set
Molle Waist Pack
Molle Training Pack
Pack Cover
Molle Sustainment Pouch Woodland
Swedish Backpack with FrameUSGI Molle shoulder straps
Molle molded waistbelt
Molle Sleep System Carrier
Bulgarian Web SetItalian Mountain Troops Backpack
Pack shelf
Molle ACU sustainment pouch
USGI Assault Pack ACU
USMC Arcteryx Main PackCzech Canvas Backpack
LC-2 Alice Packstraps-Woodland camo
Pack Straps-OD for the Alice pack
45 Liter Backpack
Molle Assault Pack
Molle Radio Pouch
Regular price: $8.00
Sale price: $5.00
LC-1 Waist Strap
Regular price: $6.00
Sale price: $2.00
Belgian M-37 Backpack
USMC Arcteryx Assault PackGDR Assault PackMolle K-Bar Adapter
Tactical Sling Pack
Rio Grande 75 Liter Backpack
Rio Grande 45 Liter Backpack
Nato Style Medium Rucksack
Molle Buckle SetLid for USMC ILBE Pack
French Alpine BackpackCzech Small RucksackLarge Transport Pack
1 1/2" Fastex Buckle
Advanced Hydro Assault Pack
Compact Modular Hydration Backpack
Cargo Strap
Yugoslavian Canvas Backpack
Backpack 75 litre Woodland Camo
Italian Navy Backpack
Austrian Army Backpack SystemSwiss OD Rucksack
Alice Backpack Waist Belt
Molle Replacement Buckles
Packboard Cargo Attachment
USMC ILBE Main Pack Waistbelt
From an Alice pack frame to an Alice pack sternum strap and beyond, we’ve got everything you’ve been searching for in quality backpack equipment. Your search is over for a top quality hunter’s backpack or survival waist pack. With the best selection of hunting waist pack products and more, you can count on Gunny’s Surplus to bring you nothing but the best.